Hello! My name is Anni and I am the owner of Noir Romantique jewelry and accessories. I live in Athens,Greece. My work is mostly inspired by the aesthetic of gothic and victorian era always focused on the dark and elegant side of every fairy tale always of high quality.

I love working with many kinds of fabrics such as my beloved lace, cameos, victorian ornaments, gemstones etc. to create unique, elegant and imaginative Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk and fairytale jewelry, accessories and some fashion pieces as well. Various high quality fabric are also used to make haute gothic accessories such as collars, neck corsets, shrugs etc.

I love every moment of the process and I always do my best to complete a beautiful piece that I also love to wear

Always interested in new collaborations with alternative models and photographers from all over the world and seeking of different ways of being creative. Also looking forward for quality projects, full of creativity, elegance and mystery.

Welcome to my dark and romantic world! You will find a little bit of magic here !! I promise